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Genius Northwest

Genius Northwest events are intense, weekend-long gaming competitions that test their contestant’s instinct, cunning, and their ability to form – or undermine – strong alliances. Each competition is a mixture of large format main matches and one-on-one deathmatch rounds to determine who gets eliminated from the tournament. Our events combine the best elements of tabletop gaming and reality television to create a dramatic and engrossing experience unlike any other.

Each Genius Northwest event takes place over a long weekend during which the contestants eat, sleep, and compete together in a stunning mansion in western Washington. After three days of strategizing, alliance building, and puzzle solving, the final player standing is crowned the winner of the whole event and joins the ranks of Genius Northwest champions past.

We have run three Genius Northwest events so far with a fourth event planned for late 2023. You can learn more about Genius Northwest and apply for upcoming events at our official site.